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Designed by Aiayu with traditional craftsmanship,
refined materials and an elegant expression.


Spanning across the designs of Layer Cushion, Rhythm Throw, Twine Cushion and Ample Throw, the series of textiles designed by Copenhagen-based sustainable designers Aiayu is made in Bolivian baby llama wool. Now, what does baby llama wool mean?

Baby llama wool describes the highest quality of llama wool with the word “baby” referring to the inherent softness of the llama wool. The llamas from which the wool is sourced walk freely in flocks with their herders in the Bolivian highlands. The llamas are owned by multiple families who identify their llamas by the colored tassels on the llama’s ears. Once the hair of the llama has reached the desired length, the llamas are sheared to obtain the raw fiber for the baby llama wool—this happens about twice a year as it takes roughly six months for the hair of the llama to naturally regenerate to once more.


Many products made in Bolivian wool are made from alpaca fibers. Both alpaca and llama fibers are hollow on the inside, yet the diameter of the hole in llama fiber is larger than that of alpaca fiber, giving llama fiber higher breathability and insulation capacity, allowing for it to keep you cool on hot summer evenings and warm on cold winter nights. Adding to that, llama wool is hypoallergenic and highly durable as it does not peel. Products made in baby llama wool are very resistant to stretching and will retain their shape over time.

The factory that produces the four designs is based in La Paz, Bolivia and its garment production was set up in collaboration with Aiayu. The factory is the only in the city of La Paz that holds the WRAP-certification, meaning that they produce under lawful, humane and ethical conditions. The factory cleans 100% of its water post-production while reusing 75% of it, keeping its use of natural resources as low as possible. The factory also provides health insurance, pension plans, paid vacations and double pay for overtime work.


Speaking on their approach to design, Aiayu Founder and Head of Design Maria Høgh Heilmann says: “Our work is founded in a pursuit for quality and true beauty, designing things that are at once beautiful on the outside and on the inside as well as making things that will lessen their harm to the environment and be produced in a way that is ethically responsible towards the people who make them.”

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