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norway says



Norway Says is an internationally recognized design trio from Oslo, who have been awarded the Designer of the Year award in Norway, and received several prestigious prizes and significant international attention for their work.


On Their Design Philosophy
“Good design defends itself by being natural. What this means differs from product to product; a lamp for the office can have other qualities than a lamp for the home. We don’t have a continuous step-by-step approach, but you might say that we seek an expression that doesn’t have simplicity as a goal, yet often uses a simple language to express a complex idea.”

On Scandinavian Design
“Due to increasing globalization, young Scandinavian designers are becoming a more integrated part of international design today than ever before. However, at the same time, industrial design is a cultural expression. The way we live and work in Scandinavia is implicitly reflected in our work. We believe that young Scandinavian designers are born global yet at the same time have a strong cultural heritage, which is a focal reason for the inspiring and admirable work created today by new Scandinavian designers.”

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“The way we live and work in scandinavia is implicitly reflected in our work”.