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simon key bertman



Simon Key Bertman is an internationally renowned Swedish textile artist and designer, based in Stockholm. He has studied at the Konstfack School of Design and the Royal Institute of Art, graduating in 2011. Simon draws inspiration from two of his ancestors, writer and educator Ellen Key and renowned Swedish expressionist Isaac Grunewald. With his work, he continues to garner attention for his groundbreaking efforts with patterns, texture, and color.


On His Design Philosophy
“The focus of the artistic work is to extract and produce surface textures and patterns that in two or three dimensional textiles reflect a process, a mathematical thought and sometimes even a game. In the boundary between creating high quality products for everyday use and textile works for exhibitions and public spaces, emphasis is placed on continuously discussing interpretations of the pattern and structure of a textile object and relating them to their context and contemporaries. Every encounter between two threads or system of threads in the textile is unique and has a meaningful sense. They do not exist only because they bind the textile, but rather because each thread and system of threads has a purpose and is integrated into the system.”

On Scandinavian Design
“Softness, texture, color, and craftsmanship are the key words for Scandinavian design. It is neither too strong nor too weak. You don’t get tired of it much but instead discover new shades as time goes by.”