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The Fiber Chair Family is a sustainable interpretation of the iconic shell chair, adding a new perspective to the form with its shell made in an innovative composite of plastic and wood fibers, giving the Fiber family a uniquely deep surface and soft, matte touch. Though invisible to the eye when viewed from afar, the natural details of the wood fibers are revealed when viewing the design up-close.

Combined with its unique touch and material, the Fiber family is designed in a simple and sculptural form language for a chair that is slender on the outside—taking up little space in the room—while having a spacious inner, created for maximum comfort.

At the end of its life, all Fiber Chair Family designs can be disassembled, supporting circularity. All non-upholstered versions of the Fiber Chair Family are marked with recycling 5, meaning that they are entirely recyclable to be used in future production and thus lowering material waste.

All Fiber Wood Bases are produced with an environmentally-friendly water-based lacquer, emitting fewer chemicals than standard lacquers for healthier indoor climates while making for better working conditions and lower waste in the production phase.




Discover the different and versatile typologies of the Fiber family in contemporary settings!



Studio visit

Learn about the process and history of the Fiber family through a visit to the Iskos-Berlin studio!


/   Copenhagen, Denmark

Iskos-Berlin is a Copenhagen-based design duo that has made waves within furniture, industrial and graphic design. The studio, formerly known as Komplot Design, has collaborated with some of the world’s most prestigious manufacturers and their furniture, lighting and other design products are exhibited at numerous design museums around the world, including MoMA and the Danish Design Museum.