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the design bar by note design studio


    Architects: Note Design Studio
    Photography: Benjamin Lund, Teklan Severin & Mathias Nero

The pop-up restaurant of 2017's Stockholm Furniture Fair, named "Sulla Bocca di Tutti", was a merging of Scandinavian and Italian aesthetics, designed to feel like a warm embrace of the coldest month of the year.


Each year, the Stockholm Furniture Fair asks a prominent designer or design team to create the bar area for the annual event. For the 2017 edition, the choice fell upon the Stockholm-based Note Design Studio.

The name of the restaurant, Sulla Bocca di Tutti (Italian for ‘On Everybody’s Lips’) was chosen to complement its Italian menu and to illustrate how the Design Bar often ends up being the center of the fair, where people meet with clients and catch up with friends and colleagues.


Watch a video here to learn more about the project.


/   Johannes Carlström
—Interior Architect & Founder of Note Design Studio

"The fair takes place in February, a time of year where Stockholm is super cold and somewhat hostile in its nature. As a counteraction to this, we wanted to create something that was at once soft and warm; a place that you genuinely wanted to go to."


As the Design Bar was placed in a wide, open space, Note Design Studio wanted to create different levels within the space through tinkering with layers and volumes to ensure that guests didn’t feel like they where seated in a completely open space. To work around this, small screens and green articles were integrated throughout the different areas to make the various dining settings more secluded and intimate.

Adding warmth and the element of comfort to the space, Note Design Studio went with warmer hues of dusty pink and red, combined with soft lines and plush furniture for a generous atmosphere. Here, Muuto designs such as Fiber Armchair, Oslo Sofa, Nerd Bar Stool and Framed Mirror were implemented throughout the space for a distinct, contemporary expression.


/   Susanna Wåhlin
—Interior Architect of Note Design Studio

“We wanted to do something generous, both in the taste of the food, but also as to how the space would be perceived aesthetically.”


/   Susanna Wåhlin
—Interior Architect of Note Design Studio

“There's always pink elements in our concepts and I think it's because of how the warm glow of the color just draws you in. Colors often work as a clever way of bringing an area together, giving it a clear sentiment from afar that permeates the space down to every single detail.”


Johannes Carlström, founder of Note Design Studio, explains how they deliberately wanted to avoid creating a perfect match when making the color combinations; a mix of dusty pinks, terracotta hues, bright reds and darker, more brownish reds.

When looking at the different color swatches, many of the colors even seemed to clash a bit yet when combined all together, they gave the space a coherent expression for a more vibrant and interesting look.


/   Johannes Carlström
—Interior Architect & Founder of Note Design Studio

"It's always tempting to make perfect everything but that's not necessarily the right thing to do. It's like when you're having a sweet drink and add some bitter to it. The bitter makes it better because it pops out. For the design bar, we wanted to use elements that worked well together but still were a bit off."



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