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okko hotels:
making guests
feel at home


    Architect: Patrick Norguet
    Photography: Jérôme Galland

Setting out to bring a new perspective to the way hotels look, feel and are lived in, OKKO wanted to create a modern, temporary ‘home’ suitable for both business and leisure. For their latest string of locations, OKKO allied themselves with iconic French designer Patrick Norguet to rethink the feelings of a hotel, using Muuto designs along the way.


Quite unconventionally, Patrick Norguet never received a brief when creating the design for the new OKKO hotels. Instead, it was up to himself to shape the design of the interiors. As Norguet explains:

“Everything started with a strong concept. We decided to remove all the traditional and somewhat outdated elements of the stereotypical hotel and replace them with modern tools in a digital context; wanting to simplify the experience and once again place the guest at the center. At OKKO, there is no check-in or check-out, no room key, and the mini bar has been replaced with an actual bar where you can enjoy drinks or food free of charge whenever it suits you. It all boiled down to a desire for the guests to feel as they would when in their own home.”

/   / Patrick Norguet, Architect

“Creating a hotel is first and foremost an act of generosity. Sure, the elements of architecture and interior design play their part, but what is really important is the experience that people get when inhabiting the space. Interiors are only meaningful when they can impact and enhance the emotions of the people present within them.”


Within each design process, Norguet tries to bring with him a great deal of ‘naivety’—wanting to approach a project without preconceived expectations:
“It enables me to create something unique. In a time where we are bombarded with so many things that look alike, singularity is a key principal to me when designing. This played into OKKO as well, working not to reach a particular atmosphere but instead to create a unique space in which people could relax and feel at ease.”