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a salute
to the
odd ones

A Salute
To The
Odd Ones

/   David Geckeler

With a halfway wacky look created by its intersecting seat and backrest, the Nerd Chair pays homage to those who go against the grain.


Setting itself apart from its contemporaries through the personal and unique approach of designer David Geckeler, the Nerd chair is characterized by an innovative integration of the design’s seat and back.

A remarkable point of David’s design is how only the backrest and seat are fitted together with each part of the chair interacting with one another, defining a solid structure of veneer shells and parts made from solid oak wood.


Communicating David’s idea of placing emphasis on the details rather than delving into extensive molding processes, the Nerd's seat and back are made from veneer, shaped by form-press and assembled with legs in solid wood. This, in combination with the array of colors that the chair is presented in, makes for a design with a distinct, personal visual feel.

While the Nerd chair has a unique appearance, its expression, material and craftsmanship hint towards the values of Scandinavian design. With its innovative integration between seat and back, as well as precise detailing, the Nerd Chair is bound to stand out from the crowd.