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a sculptural
mimic mirror



Introducing our first design by Normal Studio: Mimic Mirror. Wanting to learn more about the design, we took the hike to Paris to visit the Normal Studio.


In the Parisian suburb of Montreuil is Normal Studio, housed in a former carpentry space. Founded by Jean-François Dingjian and Eloi Chafaï in 2006, the ethos of Normal Studio is rooted in adding new perspectives to elementary design.

Speaking on that, Chafaï says: “The inspiration for our work comes from everyday design, taking elements of ordinary use and translating them into our own design language,” and adds: “Objects should be simple without becoming simplistic. The design should always strive to communicate a clear sensibility, paired with an obvious function.”


One such design is the Mimic Mirror that the duo has designed in collaboration with Muuto—a design that is simultaneously rich in character and apparent in function. “The idea for Mimic Mirror was sparked by the hand-held mirrors that are found in barber shops and bazaars across Paris. On their back is often a graphic element and we wanted to translate this into the context of a modern home,” says Dingjian.


Mimic Mirror is composed of a base, sculpted in resin, on which the mirror is positioned, encased in plastic. On their ideas for the materiality of the design, Chafaï notes: “We wanted to use materials as contrasts, combining the heavy feel of the resin base with the soft touch of plastic. It gives Mimic Mirror a sculptural and playful expression,” and adds: “The mirror is a study of repetitions, seen with the graphic, triangular pattern on its back along with the reflection of its front glass and sculpted facets of the base."


Designed in the three colors of Nude, Midnight Blue and Grey, Mimic Mirror is designed to co-exist in harmony with the space in which it is place, complementing the atmosphere of the room through its unique look.