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a welcoming
around coffee table

A Welcoming
Around Coffee Table


The Around Coffee Table by designer Thomas Bentzen combines the timeless material of wood veneer with a distinct Scandinavian expression. Here, the designer tells us about what makes the design unique and how it initially came about.


Thomas Bentzen is a Copenhagen-based designer, mixing the archetypes of Scandinavian design with a modern expression. One example of this is Around, a unique series of tables for Muuto.

When asked about his initial ideas for the design, Bentzen says: “As a child when visiting my grandparents’ house, I was always nervous about stumbling into their table and spilling something on the beautiful carpets—it gave me the idea for a subtle frame, warped around the table to border off its edge.”


The thought of using wood veneer for the design came when Bentzen looked back on the Danish design history, where solid wood was often used for sofas, chairs and tables. Speaking on applying the concept to the Around Coffee Table, Bentzen notes: “I wanted to take the idea of solid wood and translate it into a modern, functional language by using the wood veneer.”


Throughout the process, the design was tweaked back and forth as different issues unveiled themselves, whether it be related to the look of the table, the production process or something third: “In that sense, Around was very much about finding virtue in the difficulties that arose along the way towards the final design,” explains Bentzen.


Noting on his personal perception of the design, Bentzen says: “What really resonates with me about Around is its opening: it lends the design a distinct character and clear direction. Without it, the table wouldn’t have any objective. Though subtle, the opening lends the design personality and a welcoming expression.”

The Around Coffee Table is a family that comes in three different sizes, allowing for the design to works well on its own or in combination with multiple sizes and colors.

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