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/   Thomas Bentzen

Born from the aspiration of creating a soft and modern wooden armchair, Cover came to life after three years of experimentation by designer Thomas Bentzen.


When Thomas first set out to design a wooden armchair, he wasn’t entirely sure which approach he’d take and, subsequently, his sketches covered an array of possible directions.

At first, Thomas wanted for the design to place a heavy emphasis on solid wood however due to his search for a more modern, crisp, and vivid expression, he looked towards plywood.


Wanting a light chair with a strong and solid base, Thomas gravitated towards using a thin plywood for the chair’s seat and back with the original thought of bending the material rather than form-pressing it—a prototype was made in solid ash and hand-bended plywood.

While a thin and crisp expression was achieved at this stage, the construction didn’t prove itself strong enough for daily use. Instead, the molded veneer was reached by using paper-thin plywood sheets. Lastly, a thin plywood cover was pushed down over the legs and backrest of the chair for maximum comfort.


Looking back at the process underway, Thomas recalls: “No one thought it’d be possible to mold such a small radius on the inside of the armrests. I’m truly fascinated by the way in which the stains of both the veneer and the solid wood changes directions on the different parts of the chair. I love using wood in my designs and for the Cover chair, it adds to the way in which the armrests appear to hold the backrest and legs together.”