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Explore the Muuto
collection in pCon.Planner

The entire Muuto collection is available in pCon.Planner*. The space planning software contains CAD files that are enriched with prices and relevant product information, enabling you to configure Muuto designs to the exact spatial, aesthetic and functional needs of your project as well as delivering accurate price quotations in a few steps. Follow a few simple steps to get access to Muuto OFML data for pCon.Planner.
*Available in all of Europe, except UK and Ireland.

pCon.planner enables you to present high-quality renderings while saving time and resources. Being impactful as well as easy, the pCon.planner allows you to communicate the given project through renders, animations and panoramic or interactive images. There, you’ll be saving and loading files directly in their DWG format, allowing for compatibility with other solutions.