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With many of us carrying out our daily tasks in our individual spaces during these changing times, we find that it is becoming increasingly relevant to explore how our personal workspaces can inspire us throughout the day and allow us to focus on the work at hand from the comfort of our home.


Through its swivel base with castors and gas lift, the Fiber Armchair by Iskos-Berlin brings added flexibility to your workday from home, allowing you to raise and lower its seat height as well as move effortlessly around the room.

For home office storage, the Enfold Sideboard and Restore Tray bring an elegant touch to the space for storing documents, books, office utensils and more.


The colorful upholstery of a chair can bring a playful perspective and added comfort to the home office, here on the Fiber Side Chair. On the wall are the Folded Shelves for a modern take on office storage, joined by the innovative functionality and design of the Post Wall Lamp.


The 70/70 Table by TAF Studio brings a modern perspective to the work desk at home through its angled legs for an archetypal expression, paired with the tabletop's warm expression of the slanted veneer edge. Here, the design is complemented by an upholstered version of the Fiber Armchair alongside the Restore Basket and Grain Pendant Lamp.


The gentle light of the Tip Table Lamp poses an elegant way of adding functional lighting into the home office. The design features a dimmable light source that allows you to adjust the intensity according to your individual needs, turning it up when you need that extra bit of focus and scaling it down when you want a more ambient sentiment.


Keeping things tidy with the Platform Tray, Compile Bookend and Restore Tray, resting on a wooden tabletop.