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hooks onthe dot(s)

Hooks on
the dot(s)

/   Lars Tornøe

The characteristic small family of circled hooks by Norwegian designer Lars Tornøe is a friendly addition to any wall, assisting your clothes with the greatest care. Perceived as a social set of hooks, the Dots serve to welcome one another in scattered or symmetric patterns on the wall.


Whilst being a student at the Bergen National Academy of Art and Design, Lars received a beautiful pile of leftover bits of oak that one of his classmates had lying around. When Lars’ sister-in-law had her first baby, he set out to create a mobile that would hover over the baby’s crib with the pieces of oak being shaped into UFO-like structures in different sizes.


Upon sketching the proportions for the circles next to one another, Lars instantly had the idea of several structures, scattered across a wall as coat hangers—the infinite possibilities generated by circles of different sizes placed independently around a wall brought the idea to life.

Speaking on the conception of the idea, Lars says: “To me, the real joy and challenge of being a designer is turning abstract ideas into tangible, physical forms.”


To minimize waste, wooden Dots are made by gluing together two separate sections of wood, where the square wood block is roughly rounded off for the turning process. In turn, the wood is cut into gauges and given a sandpaper treatment while the block is spinning at high speed.

When Lars first began turning the bits of oak into Dots on the lathe in the workshop of his school, he was immediately drawn towards that natural pattern of the wood grain that arose from its curved shape.

Following The Dots' initial design in wood, the hooks were reinterpreted in a metal design of three different colors.