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Uncovering our perspectives on creating inspiring, work-friendly spaces within the modern home.


Vibrant hues of the Fiber Side Chair, sitting atop a Swivel Base that allows you to rotate into your desired position to get work done at the 70/70 Table. Oh, and don't forget to fill the Tub Jug with water, allowing you to stay hydrated throughout the day.


Working at home can take many forms, one of them being in the soft comfort of the Outline Sofa. With the Relate Side Table, you can create a temporary work station by pulling the table up to use and put aside and use to display objects when not in use.


Use a rug to create a dedicated work zone in larger rooms, here with the Pebble Rug on which the Fiber Side Chair and Base Tabl sits together with the tilted head of the Tip Table Lamp, bringing direct lighting to the workday.


Elegant tones of the Fiber Armchair Swivel Base, joined by the subtle Dark Green shade of the Tip Lamp, sitting atop the 70/70 Table.


A pop of red on the Fiber Side Chair brings a contemporary sentiment to the home office, here in front of the Stacked Storage System that can be configured to your exact spatial and functional needs.


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Taking a seat to focus on the enveloping comfort of the Doze Lounge Chair with the Leaf Floor Lamp, providing an ambient light to the setting.