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muuto atdesign postcologne 2020



Introducing our latest new perspectives on Scandinavian design across furniture, lighting and accessories at Design Post Cologne 2020, including the Cover Side Chair, Post Floor & Wall Lamp, Kink Vase and more!


Referencing the values of forward-thinking craftsmanship and Scandinavian materiality, the Cover Side Chair by Thomas Bentzen is an elegant perspective on the timeless wooden chair. With its curved backrest that folds elegantly around its back legs and ties the design together, the Cover Side Chair explores the possibilities of veneer, paired with a deep comfort, modern expression and sturdy base in solid wood.


A scenic sky of Strand Pendant Lamps, hovering gently above the modern expression of the Connect Modular Sofa.


The Post Floor Lamp by Earnest Studio is an innovative modular lighting design with an archetypal appearance, graphic lines and forward-thinking functionalities. Exploring the utmost flexibility of a magnetic joint, the individual lighting units of the design can be positioned, turned and dimmed up and down to individual needs.


The Outline Highback Sofa combines the soft, deep seat and clean refined lines of Outline with a highback element, allowing for the design to create private spheres within bigger spaces and provide shelter for conversation and collaboration. Here, the design is paired with the Relate Side Table by Swiss design studio, Big-Game.


The Post Wall Lamp by Earnest Studio has a playful, graphic appearance. The design's cord can be arranged in linear or playful formations on the wall for a unique expression, using its cable drop.


Shades of the Fiber Side Chair by Iskos-Berlin for a contemporary touch to any workplace or hospitality setting, here on a Swivel Base for added flexibility.


The Kink Vase brings a contemporary form to the archetypal flower vase through a combination of traditional craftsmanship and playful design language. With its double opening, the Kink Vase adds a sculptural sentiment to the room, even when not in use.

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