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photo essay:
forms by
erica zhu



At Muuto, we strive to create new perspectives on Scandinavian design. Pushing this notion forward is our Photo Essays—a format that serves to perceive Scandinavian design through the individual lens and scope of photographers from across the world. For the second edition, New York-based photographer Erica Zhu shares her perspectives through a study of forms.


Speaking on her photo essay for Muuto, Erica Zhu says: ”The relationship between body forms and objects has always fascinated me. Muuto designs are well-known for their bright, simple and functional traits, but for me, there’s also have a sensual side to them.”

In Zhu’s photo essay, Muuto designs are no longer just objects but instead connection points with their surroundings, both human beings as well as space on the levels of physical appearance, color and texture. Here, the focus area is made up of body forms and furniture designs for a new perspective on how furniture can be photographed. Zhu notes: ”This project also re-examines the relationship between furniture and human beings—independent and united across different levels.”

Erica Zhu is a New York-based photographer and designer. Click here to view more of her work.


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