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tailored furniture: the five pouf

Tailored Furniture:
The Five Pouf

/   Andersen and Voll

With the Five Pouf, Anderssen & Voll wanted to explore the characteristics of a pentagon-shape through the quilted textile cover—a design that places equal emphasis on craftsmanship and the unique shape of the object.


The studio of Andersson & Voll is located in the heart of Oslo, housed in one of the oldest buildings in the area dating back to 1802—a farm structure-turned-studio located next to the beautiful river of Akerselva, an area that is home to several design studios and design schools.


“The Five Pouf explores the possibilities and tensions of the pentagon shape. The design process was very much about tailoring, as the quilted ribs are seemingly wrapped around the shape and enhance the dynamics of the pentagon. The quilting adds a softness to the seat, while the fabrics used are very responsive to the undulating surface of the cover.”


The process of getting the stitching just right was akin to tailoring a suit; it takes time and several visits to the tailor are required before the perfect result is reached—the same proved itself valid for the Five Pouf.