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under the bell



Under The Bell defies the traditional perception of a lampshade. When situated over a table or out in open environments, the lamp creates its own singular space within the bigger area in which it is present. That way, the lamp at once shelters and embraces the table along with the people beneath it—both in terms of sheer physicality but also in an atmospheric way. Made from recycled plastic felt, Under The Bell absorbs sound and enhances the acoustics of the room.


The design story began when designer Boris Berlin visited a restaurant for a quiet meal with friends. As the waiter was attempting to tell Boris and his party about that evening’s selection, the noise level in the restaurant made it impossible to hear what he was trying to say. At that moment, Boris wondered whether himself and design partner Aleksej Iskos might be able to design an acoustic cupola, a kind of minidome for each table.


    After multiple prototype testing, the final shape of Under The Bell was reached. Boris Berlin says: "Under the Bell was designed to be much more than a standard lampshade, housing a light source and reflecting it down. The design aim was to develop a shade that hangs over the center of the table to create a spatial inclusion within a room—both physically and psychologically. It's akin to a dome encasing a building. "


    The combination of the molded cupola shape of Under The Bell and the acoustic properties of the material used in its construction, insulate the space under the bell,building a “room of sound” around the table. UNDER THE BELL is made with 100%recyclable PET fiber, a large part of which is made from used plastic bottles. Transforming products with a short lifespan (e.g. plastic bottles) into products with a long lifespan, as does Under The Bell, is known as “upcycling.”